• Over time, they hosted such notable figures as [STILL GATHERING INPUT ON THIS].
  •  The mid-century modern home was innovative for the time and distinctly luxurious; it included marble installations by architect Bill McHarg, whose signature project was Fort Worth’s world-renowned Kimbell Art Museum.
  • May Pearl Flint, born May Pearl Hollie, was a native of Teague, Texas. After earning a degree in elementary education from Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, she moved to Fort Worth and taught in the public schools. She later worked as an independent businesswoman and a committed community volunteer until her death in 1995.
  • C.W. Flint, Jr. (1921-2000), was born in Bryan, Texas. After attending Fort Worth’s I.M. Terrell High School and what was then Prairie View College, he established himself as a successful entrepreneur in Fort Worth, the proprietor of businesses including Hotel Flint, Flint’s Drug Stores, and the Aquarium Supper Club.
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  • William McDonald (1866-1950) was born in College Mound, Texas to a formerly enslaved father and a mother who had been a free woman. He is widely recognized as the first Black millionaire in Texas.
  • He established the Fraternal Bank and Trust and Fort Worth’s historic Grand Theatre, and he was also a well-known political leader and civil rights advocate.
  • Monuments in various locations throughout Ft. Worth celebrate his contributions to our community.


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